I consider my self a visionary, leader and outgoing business professional. I have over five years of combined experience in Business Management and Film Production. Starting on 2013, I decided to prepare myself as an actress at  Sebastian Ligarde’s Acting School.

I remember that since I was a child one way or another I was related with acting,  I got my first main role  in a play in 4th grade as an indian male, then I was the Virgin Mary in a pastorela, later on I was a Devil at the church and so on, the acting was there but I resisted to accepting my inclination towards acting.

I am determined and passionate, I really enjoy what I do. I love  to interact with people and develop strong relationships that can be translated as great friendships and bonds of trust, I am a pizza lover and going to the movies is something that I need to do.

I was born in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico, during my career I have been involved in different areas that have helped me to acquire the experience that I have now.

I worked for ten years as a General Manager in a hardware store, directing and coordinating all daily operational business aspects. Then I collaborated in a Latin-American Company ensuring an effective and efficient office operations at www.integrityfinancialnetwork.com. Later on I was responsible for acquiring new bi-national clients accounts for an international Manufacturing  www.icsvmi.com, always developing strong client relationships through a consistent follow-up. Upon graduation from El Paso Community college, I received the opportunity to move to NY where I was in charged of the sales and marketing in a store through the coordination of events to promote a National Company in addition to being part of new stores set up and opening team. www.aarons.com

During the past six years I have sporadically participated in different sized productions, as  first assistant director, producer, assistant producer, and actress. But It was not until I moved to Miami, when I was given the opportunity to formally became a part of a Production Company. Here I held the position of Social Media and Content Manager for a Latin American Television program. But also worked as a producer and host for web content at www.ishowbusiness.com. Since 2013 I had been a producer at www.newdiscoverymedia.com a video and multimedia house that focus on video production, motion graphics and creative services.  I have had the opportunity to work as a producer for commercial and independentc film projects such as: Artista Destacado for www.batangamedia.com with Jencarlos Canela & Ivy Queen, Canciones with David Bisbal, Paty Cantu & Juan Magán.  Also in an independent films such as Anáfora, Downstream People, The Dead In us, Despierta Venezuela and On the Run to mention a few.


  • “Anáfora” Short Film Miami, FL (2016) Audience Award Winner at the Miami International Film Festival
  • “Chilito Toreado” WebSeries, Miami, FL, (2016)
  • Out of Horizon” Bang Gang Music Video, Miami Fl (2015)
  • “Downstream People” Short Film, Miami FL, (2015)
  • “The Dead In Us” Short Film, In progress, Miami, FL  (2014)
  • “Despierta Venezuela” Short Film from the series of Venezuela en Ficción, Miami FL (2014)
  • “Crystal Milan” Demo Reel, Miami FL (2014)
  • “Tanyent” Miami FL (2013)
  • “Alcachofa Formula” Miami, Fl (2013)
  • “Escaramuza Down Corazon con Angel” Documentary , Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico, (2013)
  • “Evil Twin” ProtectMyId,  Experian Ad Competition, El Paso Tx (2011)
  • “More than One” Short Film, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico (2011)
  • “Motel Room” Short Film, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico (2010)

First Assistant Director:

  • “Chilito Toreado” WebSeries, Miami, FL, (2016)
  • “The Dead In Us” Short Film, In progress, Miami, FL  (2014)
  • “Despierta Venezuela” Short Film from the series of Venezuela en Ficción, Miami FL (2014)
  • “Crystal Milan” Demo Reel, Miami FL (2014)
  • “María” Music Video (2014)
  • “Tanyent” Miami FL (2013)
  • “Alcachofa Formula” Miami, FL (2013)
  • “On the Run” Trailer Short Film (2014)
  • “One Life” Short Film, Miami, FL (2013)
  • Malegra – Ve Ya” Music Video, Miami, FL (2013)
  • “More than One” Short Film, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico (2011)
  • “Motel Room” Short Film, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico (2010)

Acting roles:

  • Out of Horizon” Bang Gang Music Video, Miami Fl (2015)
  • “Downstream People” Short Film, Miami FL, (2015)
  • “El Escritor” Series, Ony Productions, Miami FL, (2015)
  • “Milk Pep & Quaker Oats” Commercial, Univision, Miami FL, (2014)
  • “Ruta 35” Series, Cisneros Productions / Venevision Productions Miami FL (2014)
  • “Demente Criminal” Series, Venevision Miami FL (2014)
  • “Crystal Milan” Demo Reel, Miami FL (2014)
  • “Reencuentro Fallido”  Short Film, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico (2013)
  • “How Do You Make Someone Happy?” Clinique Ad Competition, New York (2012)
  • “Love Possible” AT&T Ad Competition (2011)
  • “Evil Twin” ProtectMyId,  Experian Ad Competition, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico (2011)
  • “The Exchange”  Short Film, Las Cruces, New Mexico (2011)
  • “Motel Room” Short Film, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico (2010)